Cloud-Based Computing Solutions
Adar IT offers cloud-based computing solutions from the leading IT professionals. Visit us today and let us handle your IT support.
cloud based computing solutions
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Complete, cloud-based business performance improvement.


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From Our Blog

  • EMR and Data Growth In Health Care Practices

    In part two of this series on the ADAR PrivateCloud™ and it’s role in health care practices, join the conversation with our CEO as we discuss the immense amount of data generated on a daily basis in a health care facility – and what to......

  • EMR and the Private Cloud

    In this episode of ADAR TV, our CEO shares insight on how ADAR makes life and compliance much easier for health care facilities mandated with issues surrounding electronic medical records (EMR). Part 1  In this episode An overview of what a Private Cloud is On......

  • Another security boost for your ADAR PrivateCloud™

    Rock-solid security – It’s one of the top reasons smart companies deploy the ADAR PrivateCloud™ in the first place. But when news hits the airwaves that 1.2B passwords were stolen by a Russian gang, it’s an opportunity revisit the security discussion and make sure your organization’s......

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