Why ADAR PrivateCloud™?

Combining the entire organization’s IT needs including strategy, security, 24/7 support, hardware, and software for small and medium sized business for a fixed price is all we do.  Firms can leverage the expertise of enterprise level IT at a set cost per user that provides incredible performance on any device at a predictable budget with no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

With ADAR PrivateCloud, organizations of any size can eliminate the technical headaches, risk, and uncertainty that business leaders encounter every day.  Let technology empower your organization with lower costs, reduced risk and improved performance.

And now for something completely different…

– All of an organization’s software and data lives in the cloud, not on local devices or in the office

– Users seamlessly access all software and files on any internet-connected device, on any operating system, anywhere in the world with incredible speed & security

– Tablets. Smartphones. Laptops. Smart TV’s. Desktops and more…

– ADAR IT has implemented turn-key IT solutions for virtually every industry. We have extensive experience in single and multi-location operations in the following fields:

icon-lawLaw Firmsicon-medicalMedical Officesicon-logisticsLogisticsicon-nonprofitsNot For Profits

Join thousands of users and experience why the ADAR PrivateCloud is the safest, fastest, and most reliable IT system available.

Raving fans

The practical application of ADAR IT’s philosophy of being a “service company that uses technology” is evident in the results of its Net Promoter Score survey. 75 percent of ADAR PrivateCloud users are actively promoting the brand to their networks. Read More.


We unconditionally guarantee that the ADAR PrivateCloud will be the safest, fastest and most predictable IT experience you can have by:

  • Assuring there will never be unexpected IT costs by offering a fixed monthly price
  • Providing 24/7/365 emergency support
  • Guaranteeing 100% uptime

Trust ADAR IT to provide comprehensive strategy, security, 24/7 service, hardware, software, and support.

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