A seriously cool place to work

Experience bleeding-edge technology, revolutionize whole industries, and change the way people think about IT.  ADAR IT is leading the world of IT-as-a-Service.

This is a period of incredible change in the world.  New technology is transforming businesses of all kinds, society, and the workplace.  ADAR IT is the global leader and the best opportunity to advance your career. Our success is based on innovating the way that small and medium sized businesses operate. At ADAR IT we start by offering flexible work programs that recognize the importance of life outside of the office, unmatched professional development and leadership training, and a full complement of benefits.

Minor_Cloud_Icon_100px.jpg  Working at ADAR IT

Working at ADAR IT is not just about your day-to-day job.  Joining the team means that we have your long-term professional growth as part of our strategic plan.  Managers encourage team members to learn new skills, work across multiple disciplines and provide the opportunity to move into new challenges.

Reinventing the way that businesses run demands the right work/life balance that creates an incredible work environment.  ADAR IT doesn’t have a defined “culture” pulled out of some management book, it’s a unique collection of the diverse personalities that roam the halls.

Minor_Cloud_Icon_100px.jpg  Opportunities at ADAR IT

Compensation & benefits

ADAR, Inc. offers a generous compensation package including a competitive salary, medical and life insurance,  flexible work hours, and more.

Team members have unlimited opportunity for advancement and increased earning potential with both commission and bonuses.  Our offices are located less than 2 blocks from the Chicago CTA Yellow Line.